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US Vision Group Now Offering Prescription Lenses for Google Glass
Jan 30

US Vision Group Now Offering Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

US Vision Group Now Offering Prescription Lenses for Google Glass

US Vision Group, one of the leading optometry practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and a VSP® vision provider, is thrilled to have been chosen as one of the first Google Glass Prescription Lens providers in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, as well as in the nation. The availability of prescription glass frames for the Google Glass product was the single-most mentioned item on the wish lists of those who have tested the device, and now it is a reality.

New Google Glass Titanium Styles for Prescription Lenses Just Launched

Google Glass is one of the most innovative product entries to the wearable consumer electronics market, and even before it was available for sale it was cited by Time Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2012.” The device enables wearers to use an internet-connected computer that was originally mounted to headgear, but that Google is now making available for wear on specially made prescription eyeglasses to be fitted and prescribed by specially selected practices such as US Vision Group. The glasses are made of titanium, in large part to make up for the weight of the device itself, and will be available in four different styles – Split, Thin, Bold and Curve. Each style of the glasses will be available in a number of color combinations, and three different sunglass options will also be offered. The frames will require special lenses, and the professionals at US Vision Group have received special training in the fitting of these lenses and the frames themselves.

The Google Glass device itself places a tiny screen over and in front of the wearer’s right eye. It enables the wearer to take photos, shoot video, check the news or weather forecast, read emails and send texts among other functions. It is controlled through either voice commands or via a touch screen that is built into the side of the glass. The new prescription glass version will screw directly onto the eyeglass lens via a single small screw. Though it is possible to remove the Google Glass device from the glasses, it is important that you only utilize them on the frames that are made for them, which the skilled opticians at US Vision Group have been specially trained to fit for you.

Though Google Glass is only currently available on a limited basis, it is scheduled to be more widely available at a consumer-friendly price later in 2014, and the prescription eyeglass mounting is expected to be extremely popular, as it combines the new technology, which has been viewed as something of a novelty, with something that is not only very familiar and non-threatening, but necessary for millions of people.

Prescription Lenses Measured and Provided by US Vision Group

In addition to the the frames and sunglasses, prescription eyeglass wearers will need to order their prescription lenses, just as is the case with any other eyeglass purchase. These lenses are only available through a VSP-certified provider, and US Vision Group is proud to be a part of this exciting new technology. We have been certified and trained in the fitting of these special lenses, and VSP, the country’s biggest optical health insurance provider, will be reimbursing their members a portion of the frame cost, along with their normal reimbursement for the prescription lenses, which will be available for both single-vision distance correction and for those with presbyopia.

If you are one of VSP’s 64 million members, the company’s partnership with Google to provide the Google Glass Prescription Frames at an accessible price to its members is just one more way that the company is showing its commitment to providing the very best in eye health care to its customers, and VSP members in the Dallas-Fort Worth area will be able to purchase the frames through the Google Glass website, and after receiving them they can get them fit conveniently at US Vision Group’s convenient location in the Dallas area. The US Vision Group team of opticians have participated in a special Google Glass training program that has been created by Google and VSP to ensure that the device is properly mounted to the frames, the frames are perfectly fitted to their wearers and the correct measurements are taken to make the prescription lenses. Among the top priorities of the training program is making certain that the frames’ nose pads are positioned properly so that Google Glass sits just above the wearer’s direct line of vision.

US Vision Group Committed To Your Family’s Eye Care

US Vision Group’s commitment to your family’s eye care and overall health is well established in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, and our ability to provide you with this innovative new option in eyewear is something that we are very excited about. For more information on how to order prescription lenses for the frames or sunglasses or to schedule a convenient appointment to fit your Google Glass Frames with prescription lenses, call us at (972) 638-8600 or stop by our office.


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