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Find an EyeMed Provider at US Vision Group
Oct 29

Find an EyeMed Provider at US Vision Group

EyeMed Vision Care DoctorEyeMed is one of the nation’s leading providers of vision insurance. As EyeMed in-network providers, the optometrists at US Vision Group work hard each day to show you why EyeMed has trusted your eye care to our experienced doctors.  Whether you’re in need of an annual eye health exam, stylish new frames or a fitting for contact lenses, you’ll find that our eye care team is able to address all of your needs and coordinate your benefits so that you’ll get the most out of your EyeMed insurance plan.

EyeMed Doctors You Can Trust

EyeMed is dedicated to  taking your eye care seriously. In order for an optometrist to be chosen as an EyeMed doctor, they must be DEA-certified. This means that you can be certain that when you come to the doctors at US Vision Group, your eye health is in good hands and that you will receive your eye care from the very best optometrists and eye care staff.

EyeMed Vision Plans

As an EyeMed insurance provider, we are familiar with all of the plans that make up EyeMed’s family of vision insurance offerings. If you have questions about benefits what your plan entitles you to or aren’t certain about your eligibility, call us at (927) 638-8600 and we’ll be happy to review your policy and explain what it covers.  Most plans provide for your annual vision exam as well as materials allowances for eyeglasses. When you are insured by EyeMed, contact lens fittings and evaluations can usually be paid out of your benefit allowance.

Meeting your Family’s Needs

US Vision Group’s EyeMed doctors and staff are conveniently located in the heart of Mesquite’s shopping district, so it’s easy to stop by and let us take care of all of your family’s eye care needs. From annual vision wellness exams to selecting the perfect eyeglass frame for your face and style, US Vision Group can help. Our staff of caring EyeMed in-network providers is here and ready to help you find your perfect fit. Call or click the link to schedule an appointment with us today.

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