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Children’s Eye Care
Oct 19

Children’s Eye Care

As your children’s eye care provider, we enjoy our role and we appreciate your trust. Vision is one of our most valuable senses, and when it comes to children the ability to see clearly plays an essential role in not only their happiness and health but also their academic performance.

Getting into Good Children’s Eye Care Habits

Many kids have their first eye test in their pediatrician’s office or in school, though in some cases vision problems are not detected until a child is unable to see the blackboard or is having difficulty reading. Unlike adults, kids may not be aware that their vision is abnormal. To address this problem, the American Optometric Association recommends that children have their eyes examined when they are 6 months old, three years old, and five years old, and then every other year during their school years.

The professional family eye care providers at US Vision Group are here to serve your entire family, and we take special care of our youngest patients. As your kids’ eye doctor it is our job to ensure not only that your child can see properly but also that the experience of visiting the eye doctor is pleasant, relaxed, and maybe even fun.

Kids’ Vision and Testing

Children can experience the exact same vision problems that adults do. Whether you suspect that your child is nearsighted, far sighted, suffers from astigmatism or any other eye problem you’ll find that the kids’ eye doctors at US Vision Group are friendly and kind, and genuinely happy for the opportunity to improve your child’s vision. A child’s eye exam generally includes:

  • History of any vision problems or concerns
  • Near vision testing
  • Distance vision testing
  • Eye coordination skills testing
  • Focusing skills testing
  • Testing for peripheral awareness

The tests for older children will more closely resemble those administered to adults, and can include dilation and more advanced testing.

Our office features the latest in state-of-the-art digital equipment, so when you trust your child’s eyes to our children’s eye doctors you know that you will get the most accurate results possible.

Great Selection of Children’s Eyeglasses

At US Vision Group, we pride ourselves on the relaxed, friendly atmosphere we provide for your child. After the exam is complete we will sit down and discuss the best treatment plan possible for your child’s vision care needs. We have a full line of eyeglasses sized and styled to suit every child, so if corrective eyewear is needed your child will have a wide selection of frames that he or she can feel confident wearing.

Whether you are coming to see us to have the whole family’s eyes checked out or just visiting with your child, we are conveniently located across from Town East Mall and right in front of Super Target, so we are on your way and have hours that work with your child’s school schedule—Saturday and evening hours. Call us at (972) 638-8600 or schedule your child’s eye exam online today to set up an appointment for yourself, your child, or the whole family.