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How can parents spot vision problems in children?
Sep 29

How can parents spot vision problems in children?

Although blindness is very rare in children, there are several conditions which can cause blindness in a child if not caught early on. Pediatric glaucoma ...
Jul 9

Top 7 causes of dry eyes

Increasingly, people are flowing into their optometrists' offices with symptoms of stinging, burning and a scratchy sensation in their eyes. Most of these cases are symptoms suffered as a result of dry eye or in medical terms Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). The condition is most prevalent among woman and older people and affects about 25 million Americans.
Jun 27

Why does myopia affect one sibling and not another?

A Duke University research team discovers a gene mutation causing myopia or otherwise known as near-sightedness. This genetic condition which affects nearly 30 percent of all Americans doesn't affect all siblings. Using advanced gene-sequencing, the Duke team discovered a rare gene mutation in a gene called SCO2 which helps regulate oxygen.
May 29

40 years of age is the magic number when things start going wrong with our eyes

Starting at age 40, many people begin having vision problems which might include dry eyes, difficulty reading print, or an inability to focus on objects that are close up, and can leave people feeling tired and with headaches by the end of the day. Here's a look from the Wall Street Journal on the latest expert thinking on nutrition and vitamin supplements to improve the odds.